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To speed up the story Calvin locked eyes on Jane and they became close. I’d even go as far as saying the eye color is what reeled her in. Trips to Bev’s house stopped becoming about meeting up with Bev and more about the

attraction to Calvin. He would often offer Jane pickles knowing that she loved them only to watch her suck on them. Sex in the shed, down back roads, and late night text started happening on

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the regular. You name it and it was going down. Aside from the fact Calvin was dating Bev’s mom still, the age difference made thing a little complicated at first for a 17 year old to be dating a 32 year old. Jane was freaking out herself and everything was just moving so fast. After running to clean herself off in the bathroom and collect her thoughts, she came out to Bev and her mother returning home. She had to play it cool so they wouldn’t suspect anything was going on.

As the weeks go by the sex was getting intense as they continued to fuck like rabbits. Knowing that at any minute Jane could get caught in the act, gave her the most intense adrenaline rush. Calvin later gave Jane the choice to continue sneaking around or go public with their relationship. The question to be honest came as a shock. She couldn’t believe that someone as sexy as him could be into someone like her. Her of all people, how could this be possible.

It was safe to say that Calvin had no problem cheating on his spouse. After a few months went by of them secretly dating they became public with their relationship. Calvin left Bev’s mother and later started cheating on Jane with some other sloth. I mean side chick or whatever. Jane was in love with him and although aware of the cheating she remained with him. At this time learning “it’s all in how you use your words”.

A skill Jane later began to test, a skill she later would come to master……


A quick thanks!!!

This is blogtastic!!! Thank you everyone that thought my blog was worth having repeat in their feeds. This is a milestone for me because just one follow is a connection let alone 99 more. You get to see where my story began and watch as my writing evolves. The best part about writing is going back to the beginning and seeing how 1 paragraph can lead to 3 and so on. I wish I had the talent to write a novel but as of right now my focus, purpose, & conclusion are still way off. Understanding Jane Gotti is an attempt at writing a novel but like I said im way off from completing it by years. I hope we can continue to grow our writing together!!!

Thank you bloggers


Water birth, lord so many words. I just watched a birth clip that was edited to were the video was only 5 mins long, but I can tell they were in that tub for hours. The cutest thing about the whole clip is that the father sat with the mother the whole time. He was rubbing her back, chest, stomach, and pretty much just being there for her in everyway that she could need in that moment. I sit and thought where do you find men like that? Now a days the couples that I see together that are actually loyal are ones that grew up together.
I guess you can tell that it wasn’t just the birth that I find beautiful but the family and moment as a whole. I see teenagers having babies with people they only been with for months. Young adults getting pregnant and having no plan for the future or baby daddies leaving them because they are to young themselves to deal with the hard task of parenting at such a young age.
I long for that moment where I have a nice house and little mini me running around. One can only hope that I have a guy standing at my side just like the lady in the video.


Pen to paper, how many times I’ve wanted to get lost in the lines. Endless amount of words come to mind, so many that I become suffocated and trapped in my own thoughts and emotions. Most days I want to catch ghost, not an act of suicide but to simply disappear out of everyones lives. It’s not like it would be a loss on their end. No one keeps in contact with me anyway. If it weren’t for me bugging them my phone wouldn’t even ring.
You see when you work for a company you must become flawless and keep up with the updates/changes or you become out dated and slow. You simply are a piece in their machine that operates their whole store. Just like any other piece tho you can be replaced. The thing about being flawless in a company tho is the fact you start to loss yourself.
Hmmm my pen hasn’t stopped moving but I cant find the words to make every other word to start with matter. The funny thing is thats how thoughts are. One moment you think about this and that in hopes to make sense of a event in your life or a question. In the end its all just a scramble.

The Journey Begins

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


So many words, so many ways of expressing myself. This should have been the first post I had, but it’s not so here we are. I came up with Curiosity & Confession one day and just stuck to it. Curiosity being random topics that come to mind with no warning. A random topic that I attempted to explain or research to get an answer. Confession being more than likely something that has already happened in life or something I want to happen.

The “likes” on here are easy to get, but to get someone to stop and explain how they get where im coming from makes it worth it. Often times im so scattered brained and lose focus that I may come off Bipolar. The truth is some may show you their life, but I think I’ll just tell you about it. This is going to be a blogtastic experience.

Simply because I am human and i’m just like you…


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– Reluctance to work or make an effort, laziness.


Lately I haven’t been wanting to be at work or stay at work when I am there. For me that is a huge turn of events from when I was  working 20 hours in OT. The truth is that it all started with my last job when I was GM at McDonalds and my stats weren’t doing so well. The new Supervisor that I had just got had no faith in what so ever. It got to the point that I was showing up a hour late and leaving five minutes early.  After awhile of going to work as a zombie I finally quit and was off work for a month.

A year into the new job and I’m back slacking off at work. We have this thing were we can get voluntary time off (VTO) to were we can request to go home for the day. Instead of hitting 40 hours a week there are chances that I never even hit 35 hours. Everyday I walk in count my hours, assume that my check will hit $600 after taxes, then request to leave. I’ve done it so much that I don’t even think about stayig at work anymore.

Most days I come home do my homework, think about reading, think about writing, or cleaning but only my Homework gets done. I don’t know what happened to my work ethic or my motivation to do anything lately. I can only hope that God forgives me for my Sin we call sloth.

The Light of the World Award

This is amazing! I want to thank Success Inspirers’ World blog for nominating me for the award. light-of-the-world-award

This is my First award so I’m completely nervous about if I am doing this correctly. Forgive me in advance. Thank you for noticing me (my blog) and giving me the chance to be noticed with other bloggers. For me a person can light someones way in numerous of ways. The seven People I have nominated each Shine their own form of light through my darkness and deserve the award.

Thank you, Light House Devotions. for the beautiful award.

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    1. What three words would you use to describe your blog?
    2. In what way(s) can a Christian shine for Christ?
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1.What three words would you use to describe your blog?

Curiosity,  Confession, Spontaneous

  1. In what way(s) can a Christian shine for Christ?
  • Forgiveness
  • Helping others
  • Spreading the word
  • By being non judgmental
  1. What bible verse (quote it) talks about being a light in a dark and lost world?
  • For God, who said, “Light shall shine out of darkness,” is the One who has shone in our hearts to give the Light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ”

(2Corinthians 4:6).

  1. What Christian song do you know that has the word “light” in it? Provide a link if available.

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Thank you my lord for your light,  please continue to shine it through me and my blog. Please allow me and my fellow bloggers to continue to write and express ourselves.