California king

Most people think or better yet listen to music as a way of expressing themselves. If you had to listen to the music that someone likes or even plays over and over there is a message in it.

I’ve slept on a California king bed before and it takes up the whole room leaving enough room for a dresser. If you have ever seen this bed you would know that four adults could sleep side by side with no problem. Rihanna choose to make a song using this bed as a mental image as to how far apart her and her spouse have grown apart.
Unfortunately this song happens to be the song that my boyfriend chooses to play over and over on his guitar hero. If you are in a relationship this is not a song you want your spouse playing over and over when their drunk. He tells me that depending on how our night has gone determines how he feels about the song. Other night he just likes her voice and the melody. Just to give you a idea of how often the song is played, his current score on guitar hero live is 107,001. I refuse to believe that I was being annoying that night, he had three too many shots and replayed the song 11 times. If you think I’m kidding sorry to say I’m not, Hell I counted! In that moment I chose to tell myself that he wanted a easier song to master. Crazy thing tho is after playing a song more than two times the colors start to blend and one hand stops moving causing me to miss keys.

The song to my boyfriend however is his way of telling me that we don’t click like we use to. He loves me but I don’t understand him or what he was trying to say. A solution to this is to let him explain to me what he meant or even better take the guitar and play a different song myself lol. A relationship is not easy, it takes time (a lot) and understanding. The music that a person listens to explains so much sometimes withoutthem ever having to say anything themselves. Either the music explains how they currently feel or a fantasy world they wish they could disappear too.
Lets be honest I’m a work in progress when it comes to trying to understand better.


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