Ask Me Anything!!! Q&A Part 1

Thank you three for playing along with me!!! it was fun to answer the questions and I will admit I did have to think hard on a few of the answers. I enjoy reading each of your blogs, pay no mind to the lack likes I give. My name would pop up all down each of your feeds if I liked every one of your post that I’ve read so far. 🙂

 Bottomless Coffee

    1. What is your goal and what are you doing to achieve that goal? I was going to assume that this question was about my blog but the next question has me wondering how wide open is this door. Besides you know what they say about people that assume things
    2. Trump supporter? Why or why not? Don’t hate me but no. It is hard to back someone that just talks so crazy. When I try to listen to him speak all I hear is a spoiled rich kid. He can literally say whatever he wants and it makes no difference, someone will agree with him. In your blog when Trump doesn’t visit the Troops you say it was a good thing for him to leave the troops alone. Do you think he did that thinking of the troops or himself?
    3. Are you a Feminist? Yes, if I am hired in the same position that a man could’ve been hired for, I would like the same pay he would get. The roles of the sexes have changed over the years and will continue to change.
    4. What direction do you think the USA is headed? I think it is safe to say that the trend is headed towards more blue than red. That would seem that more people are getting involved in voting.
  1. Have you listened to my podcast yet?

Yes, it is nice to hear the voice behind the words. Your voice allows me to put your energy and personality to what you are talking about.

  1. Why did you decide to follow me?

I live under a rock so it would seem and like to read about what other people think on different topics. You shoot it straight no matter who is reading or listening.

  1. What do you specifically want out of your life?

Call me basic but if I could graduate college, start a career as an adoption worker, get married to a great guy, and have at least two- three kids than I’d say I’ve had a great life.

  1. What would you change about your life?

Procrastination needs to go! I wait last minute to do everything it seems.

  1. What do you think is the most important aspect about life is?

Connection/involvement are the most important aspects in life. I don’t mean the whole let me take a selfie and see how many likes I get, I mean work, family, friends, and blogs keep a person motivated and get a head in life. I’m a strong believer of it’s not what you know it’s who you know.

  1. What are you confessing to on your blog, why the name confessions?

My experiences are my confessions. I’m not a fan of lying so as a habit if I think someone had the wrong idea of what I was saying I’ll say… ok Confession… To be funny one of my coworkers picked up on it and we started a “Confession Sunday Game”. As our confession we would discuss what has happened, what we did, what our spouses did, or what we wanted to happen but hasn’t the past week


1) What’s your biggest confession?

Hmmm…. I’ll probably come up with a really good one the second I post this but for now I’ll have to say that I simply fear the unknown in my relationship. Nothing is more terrifying than thinking that I’m not good enough.
2) What’s your life biggest regret?

College would have to be my biggest regret. I started in 2011 right after I graduated high school and paid more attention to parties than my studies. By time my second year came around I was placed on academic suspension. The number of grants and scholarships wasted those years just kill me to think about.
3) What is your biggest accomplishment?

After 3 days of newly owning the restaurant I was working in the owner promoted me General Manager. The old owner thought I needed an army to come in and change a light bulb for me. So to have this guy that didn’t even know about my work ethic come in and see that I was working my ass off was a great feeling. He said I ran the show while the current GM agreed with everything I said.

4) What made you start this Blog, “Curiosity and Confessions”? What’s your goal with this blog?

So for my blog to be named Curiosity & Confession I took two things Curiosity being my want for knowledge and Confessions being my life experiences. I started writing and always wanted someone to read what I wrote and give me feedback. The goal is to become a better writer over time. I love to go back and read things I have wrote as a kid just to see how far I have come as a writer.

Mr. A

1) How old are you and from what country?

I’m 25 and from America (USA)


8 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything!!! Q&A Part 1

  1. Great answers.

    Just a tip – if you’re reading other bloggers’ posts and you enjoy their blogs you ought to let them know with a “like” or a comment. I’m sure you appreciate when your fellow bloggers interact with you on your posts, so it would be nice to do the same. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Charlene,

    Awesome post I hope you enjoyed the interaction as much as I have thus far.

    For an answer to your 2nd answer, no I don’t think that Trump was thinking of the Troops, but I would take it as a win for the troops, one less VIP that they must perform for.

    #3, would you expect the same to go the other way? There are many professions that the woman gets paid much more than the man, like in porn, women make far more than men do. Also what about professions where women are uncomfortable with a man, say as a masseuse? More women would rather receive a massage from another woman than a man in a professional setting, isn’t this prejudice?

    #4. Ok, I can understand that but at the same time, would your answer be the same if in your opinion more voted red? Is blue a better side in your mind? Remember, two wings, same bird.

    Charlene, thanks for answering and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  3. Another thing to consider Charlene, is if the mythical “wage gap” is to be abolished forever, then negotiations must be halted and everyone’s hourly rate or salary must be posted for everyone to see. Are you comfortable with others knowing what you make?

    Also, this must take hold in the classroom as well. Currently there are more female college graduates than there are male college graduates.

    I can understand your desire for equality at the same time though, when will it be up to the individual instead of the state?


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