Lets play! Ask me anything!

Soooo I stole this from the britchy one whom i will properly tag once im on my computer and not my phone.

In keeping with Rakkelle and Bottomless Coffee I’ve decided to stick with the ‘Ask me anything’ theme. Let’s see where it goes!”

You can ask any questions here in the comments section between now and Sunday and I’ll answer them on Monday.

Im Curious and may have a Confession or two.


7 thoughts on “Lets play! Ask me anything!

  1. 1) What’s your biggest confession? C’mon you know you want to get it off your chest. 🙂
    2) What’s your life biggest regret?
    3) What is your biggest accomplishment?
    4) What made you start this Blog, “Curiosity and Confessions”? What’s your goal with this blog?
    I’m not sure if you accidentally tagged me in this post but I’m glad I found it. Let me introduce myself, I’m a friend of Britchy, we read each other all the time. You can find me over at https://www.racquelwrites.com. 😊

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      1. 1. What is your goal and what are you doing to achieve that goal?

        2. Trump supporter? Why or why not?

        3. Are you a Feminist?

        4. What direction do you think the USA is headed?

        5. Have you listened to my podcast yet?

        6. Why did you decide to follow me?

        7. What do you specifically want out of your life?

        8. What would you change about your life?

        9. What do you think is the most important aspect about life is?

        10. What are you confessing to on your blog, why the name confessions?

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